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Intensive Behavior Intervention Program

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Bright Horizons Intensive Behavior Intervention Program

Bright Horizons Developmental Services Inc. is a family centered provider of intensive, early behavior intervention that is individualized to meet the unique needs of each child and their families. Our experienced professionals include Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who design and supervise the behavior intervention services. Our Registered Behavior Technicians receive ongoing training in ABA methods and ethics to assure each child and their families receive a service that helps improve their quality of life. Our mission is for every child in our Intensive Behavior Intervention Program reach his/her maximum potential.

Our Services Include:

  • Behavior assessment, skills assessments and design of behavior intervention plan
  • Individualized, 1:1 ABA treatment provided in the child’s home and/or community setting
  • Comprehensive curriculum targeting the improvement of communication, adaptive self- help, social behavior, play skills using the VB-MAPP and more
  • Behavior reduction techniques
  • Parent Education and 100% participation in behavior intervention methods
  • Community Outings and facilitated play with peers