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Early Childhood Intervention

Bright Horizons is an In-Home Early Intervention Service Program that serves the Inland Empire covering both San Bernardino and Riverside Counties...

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Therapy Services

Bright Horizons Specialized Therapy team is comprised of Licensed and or certified Physical (PT), Occupational (OT) and Speech Therapists (SLP)...

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Initial Family Centered Play Based Assessments

Because infants and toddlers learn best through play in their natural setting, our developmental assessments are family centered and play...

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Developmental Assessments

The team of professionals proving the early intervention services will be collaborating throughout the time of service to ensure accurate assessment are completed...

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Consultation Services

Bright Horizons is unique in that it seeks to follow a transdisciplinary model.

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Parent/Family Training

Bright Horizons recognizes the importance of parent/caregiver- child relationships and the value of education. Bright Horizons mission is ADVOCATE-EDUCATE-SUCCEED, and the key to success is in education families so they can be a source for their children.

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Intensive Program

Bright Horizons Developmental Services Inc. is a family centered provider of intensive, early behavior intervention that is individualized to meet the unique needs of each child and their families.

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