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Our team’s commitment is to deliver quality services to all children and families we service; through collaborative relationships with parents, educators, and the greater community, we will deliver enriched learning experiences that are welcomed into the hearts and homes of the families we will serve.

Office Support Team

Joan Baquero

IT Manager

Joan Baquero is the Office Manager at Bright Horizons Developmental Services, Inc.

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Jessica Cuevas

Administrative Assistant

We are currently updating bio.

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Team of Professionals

All In-home educators are highly trained with intensive interventions that support all areas of development for infants and toddlers. Our educators hold a minimum of an Associate’s degree with continuing education credits towards a Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree and higher Master level education in all related fields.

Parent Trainers/Supervisors- Provide direct training to parents during early intervention sessions, allowing parents the opportunity to learn techniques and approaches that will help their child in their development.

Developmental Specialists: Provide 1:1 early intervention sessions to children with developmental delays or medical diagnosis by providing individualized lesson planning that promotes areas of cognition, socialization, fine and gross motor, self-help, and language.

Therapists: Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy are provided to children who need specialized instruction/therapy due to physical, developmental, and social delays. Therapy is provided to enhance children’s ability to walk, talk, and or assist in processing any other developmental delays.